The Gallery Theatre - EVENTS
Shakespeare’s Shorts!
This hysterical PEEK at the Bard,
cleverly takes several of the plays by
William Shakespeare and makes them
accessible to everyone! Using snippets
of some of The Bard’s most popular
pieces, writer/director Wesley Hunt     
has created an evening of fun,      
laughter and beauty while paying     
tribute to (and poking fun at) the most
prolific writer of our time!
Directed by Rick Cree
A blind housewife has to defend her
life as three con-men invade her
basement apartment in search of a doll
with drugs hidden inside. A Broadway
hit, this masterfully constructed thriller
moves from one moment of suspense
to another as it builds toward an
electrifying, breath-stopping
final scene.
"WAIT UNTIL DARK is a       
spellbinding thriller."
Ken Park’s Wacky Melodrama
Troupe is Back!
This original musical comedy features
a classic wedding story with an Orange
County twist! The bride's Buena Park
family clashes with the groom's elite
Irvine clan. And that's not the only
obstacle preventing a smooth trip
down the aisle -- there's also scheming
aunts and out-of-control wedding
planners to deal with.
You’ll laugh till it hurts!
Personals, the musical, takes us on
a journey through love, loss, lust and
loneliness as we peek into the lives
of the people who search for “The
One” in  personal ads, video dating   
and on the Internet.

Book and lyrics by David Crane, Seth
Friedman & Marta Kauffman. Music by
William Dreskin, Joel Philip Friedman,
Seth Friedman, Alan Menken, Stephen
Schwartz & Michael Skloff

Both heartwarming and FUNNY!
Directed by Mark Torreso
Judy Jones        Bob Kokol
Patti Francisco
Fanny and Gardner Church decide to
sell their home and move to a quaint
village in Cape Cad. Having made this
decision because financially and
physically they are unable to keep up
with the large house they began their
life in. When their daughter, Margret
comes to help them pack...She
decides to paint their portrait.
All hell breaks loose!
Written and directed by Glenn Kelman

Suspense Radio is back again! Come
and be the studio audience for a 1940’
s radio show. There’s good music, fun
story telling,   surprising commercial
breaks and...of course, a mystery to
be solved. This year our group of
popular radio voice artists have moved
to a beautiful new radio station. It’s
state of the art, bigger than the old
studio, and beautifully decorated.
There’s just one small problem...
it’s haunted!
The Gallery Family Christmas!
As usual, the Gallery Theatre
takes a unique look at the
trappings of the holidays with parody
songs and sketches! This show has
become a holiday tradition
for many of our patrons.                   
We guarantee you’ll leave the theater
with the spirit of Christmas in your
heart  and a smile on your face….oh,  
and probably shaking your head.
$18 general—$15 students/seniors
$18 general—$15 students/seniors
$18 general—$15 students/seniors
$18 general—$15 students/seniors
$20 general—$18 students/seniors
$20 general—$18 students/seniors
$20 general—$18 students/seniors
Please Note:
"WAIT UNTIL DARK" will be presented pending approval from Dramatists Play service

"PERSONALS" will be presented pending approval from Samuel French